Saturday, October 5, 2013


I was asked, "what are some things that come to mind when you think of Latino Culture?"  I answered, "family and of course, food" but then I paused because those are the same answers that everyone gives.  And while family and food are great there is so much more to our culture.  So, I thought again and decided that the thing that comes to me most in Latino Culture is color.

We love color.  Not nice unassuming colors like navy, white, and brown, no we like color.  We love creamy turquoise, rich purple, hot pink sierra orange, bright yellow and radiant red.  When you drive through a typical Latino neighborhood you can count the number of bright blue and aqua houses.  They're gaudy and garish and when we were teenagers we were embarrassed cause we wanted to live in a white mansion like on 90210.  Instead, we lived in a neon pink houses with white fences and statues of le Virgen de Guadalupe in the yards.  Now, me, personally, I grew up in San Antonio in a bright yellow house with white trim but luckily no saints in the yard.

My grandmother loves flowers.  She plants pink and yellow roses.  She has gold and burnt orange chrysanthemums.  And the colors of her flowers are reflected in the ribbons and dresses worn by the ballet folklorico dancers who performed during fiesta.

At fiesta color is everywhere.  Floats are covered in tissue paper flowers in violet, green, and pink.  Burro shaped piñatas in yellow and blue swing from trees and spill bright colored dulce down to the kids below.

Even our food is color, red sauce on enchiladas and green chili sauce on everything else.

And we are color.  We have opinionated tías and inebriated tíos.  We have loud mothers and calming fathers, bratty brothers and sisters and crazy cousins who ride motorcycles and fix cars on the weekends. 

We are a people made of color.  Our history is deep and rich like the blue sky.  Are future is bright as the yellow sun.  And our spirit burns fiery red. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Frozen in the Closet

*Since, the blog I was writing has turned into more of a project I've decided to post an old blog I wrote on a different site several years ago.  It's worth a second read.  It was quite funny.
The university is hosting a group of Junior High Band Camp kids.  I was walking past a particular set of these kids and over heard the funniest conversation and no it was not about a clarinet being stuck up a particular orifice.

This is what I heard:

 "They've found people.  They've found people in their closets and they were frozen.  They were frozen like that cause they were drinking caffeine...and the caffeine it froze them cause caffeine it freezes people.  And they were in their closets and they were frozen from drinking caffeine in their closets."

Based on this speech I have deduced that although I have not been in a closet drinking caffeine I have drank enough of the stuff that I'm sure I should have frozen to death.  As I'm still walking around I can only surmise that I am the walking dead.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Being Anti-Social

I’ve come to the realization that I can be a pretty anti-social person.  I realize that I’m not the only person around who can be anti-social but to those who know me it probably seems really contradictory for me to believe myself to be anti-social.  When I’m around my friends I’m always chatting, laughing, making jokes, etc.  I’m the freakin’ life of the party sans lamp shade.  I’m rarely afraid to walk up to people I don’t know and start talking.  In my job there is a certain amount of extroversion that’s needed. 

However, it depends on the people and situation.  Recently, I had to spend a lot more time with a group of people I didn’t want to.  It’s not that they’re not nice people.  It’s that I don’t really like them.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron but they’re just not my type of people.  And perhaps, my dislike has something to do with how I feel when I’m around them.  I always feel like I’m back in high school and I’m the awkward geek stuck in a group project with all the popular/cool kids.  They’re all nice to me and don’t really hate me but they laughing at me and not with me.  When I’m with these people it seems there’s nothing I can really contribute to the conversations without sounding like a moron.  I don’t have anything in common with them.  

If you don't know who these guys are we can't be friends.
Now, when I’m with my friends or fellow geeks it’s a different story.  In my group I can say and do whatever comes to mind without fear of judgment.  And I do.  I’ve been known to string together a sentence with so many fucks in it that it’s cracked through the ozone layer.  I come up with ridiculously funny threats, like using a rusty stapler to staple a speeding ticket to a speeders forehead.  I can be sarcastic without fear of offending someone because they’re probably going to be sarcastic right back to me. 

And, I suppose that’s what this is really about.  No one is really anti-social or one hundred percent introverted.  A lot of it has to do with the company and the activity.  So, we all have moments when we have to spend time with people we don’t much like but the reward for this time spent is the knowledge that you’ll soon be able to join your group where you can fly your geek flag high.